Professional Marketing Writing Makes a Difference

Marketing writing is often misunderstood. It’s not about marketing. It’s about encouragement. Your target audience, whether they are business people or consumers, needs to be encouraged to contact your company. Our public relations agency understands that when we’re engaged on marketing writing project or a marketing video — a case study comes to mind — that we’re actively engaged in encouraging your customer to come closer.

  • Great marketing writing and video connects with your audience enough to make them want to reach back
  • If you want to track that better, may we recommend our aligned Atlanta technology friend up in Buckhead, Pardot?
  • If you want to really push it out, let us connect you with our other clients in your field and create great packaged trend stories for todays top media platforms that feature your clients

Marketing writing practice areas

Write2Market has accomplished marketing writers that are experts in creating effective direct mailings, sales letters and promotions, email marketing copy, publicity and public relations, marketing white papers, marketing case studies and much more!

Marketing writing from our public relations  team:

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