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Choosing High ROI Public Relations (PR) Firms or Public Relations Agencies

So what does it take to get you in the headlines? At our PR firm, we say it’s about a lot more than just headlines. To create a holistic publicity program, we take a larger view. We know our PR firm’s clients want more than just regular headlines, MSNBC clips and Wall Street Journal profiles. They want meaningful relationships with decision makers.

Getting a public relations firm that really gets you

Traditional public relations was a lot about source filing, faxing, creating newsreels and b-roll, and in general slogging through the work of getting clients known to national journalists. That has changed a lot. With most journalists relying on Twitter for updates, on blogs for story feeds and on social media for source filing, the work of modern public relations firms has dramatically shifted.

Profile of modern PR firms and agencies

Today’s better PR agencies, like us, share some of the following characteristics:

  • True technical as well as relational expertise–if you can’t run the metal, you can’t play today’s PR game.
  • Multi-channel relationships, where LinkedIn, Facebook, and avatar relationships enhance professional impressions and capabilities.
  • Engagement thinking, so that getting a client’s public relations message “out there” actually enhances relationships in the niches you serve.
  • Inspiration, because folding together new media, social media and evolving traditional media takes the best minds of the creative class–and that’s why many of them call our public relations firm home.
  • Process–our Triple A Industry Leadership Methodology® creates recognizable high ROI wins for clients of our public relations firm. Our clients get Awards, Access to decision makers at conferences and Awareness through amazing headlines and news coverage.

Ready for a next-generation PR agency for your organization?

Please reach out to us and let’s start a conversation about how our PR firm can create recognizable industry leadership for you.