Conference Planning


On the quest for recognizable industry leadership, one of the way stations are often holding your own client or user conference. Write2Market has had the privilege of helping a number of clients organize their first –and many subsequent—client and user conferences.

We’re able to help you:

  • Find the speakers
  • Build the event web site and registration engine
  • Organize the sessions
  • Reserve the space you need to create a successful event

Organized and conceived by Write2market

At the event, our photography team, our registration support and on-site presence means you’re able to make the most of your event. A user conference or client conference is also the perfect opportunity for us to support you in:

  • Grabbing video case studies of your clients
  • Conducting surveys or research with your attendees
  • Building out an advisory council for your industry
  • Finding panelists from among your client base who can speak with your executive team at conferences in the industry at large

Of course, conference planning is a specialty exercise — but it delivers tremendous impact on multiple levels for your organization. We also regularly book your executives at OTHER conferences as well. Read more about that under Speaking Engagements.