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Media Tours - Take your message on the road!

Most of our clients enjoy regular coverage in business media and in their trade. When you’re rolling out a new product, a new service, or a merger or acquisition announcement, it’s understandably straightforward to attempt to engage the media in true news.

For most growing firms however, and particularly in technology, venture and energy — our main practice areas — there’s not necessarily a hard of hard news to report. What there is at scaling tech, energy and venture backed firms is a treasure trove of leading thinking.

Showcase your thought leadership

Public Relations Media tour

We make sure your brain trust gets the media attention it deserves by organizing, scheduling and managing media tours. A media tour is an opportunity to meet casually with major media, often in a media town with a concentration of journalists such as New York or Houston. At the media tour, your key executive will take numerous meetings a day simply sitting down and briefing the journalist or analyst on the trends in your field.

Media tours mean relationships

While these do not always result in immediate coverage, they do result in something more valuable over time — a stronger relationship with journalists. Next time they do a story and need an expert quote from your area of strength, the fact that you’ve recently discussed trends over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine helps your leadership team become more quotable, source-able and bookable on talk show formats.

Our retainer clients enjoy regular media tours that help them stay top of mind with the top journalists in technology, energy, general business and venture.

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