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Write2Market specializes in metrics-driven healthcare marketing and public relations campaigns for top of the funnel lead generation. With all of the tools and tactics available, we always strive to do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t. We keep a close eye on analytics, goals, results and the associated value we provide for our clients’ investment in our efforts.

Our clients not only maintain an active, engaged presence in their blogs and social channels. They enjoy increases in high quality traffic, time onsite, pages viewed and requests for more information or proposals as a result.

Core competencies in healthcare marketing and public relations

  • Creative content development that educates and engages
  • SEO
  • Social channel development and engagement
  • Earned media
  • Awards
  • Conference speaking opportunities
  • Video

Healthcare Clients

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    How can we help you?


    “Write2Market’s digital, content marketing and PR activities are prime contributors to new business generated in the past 12-24 months.”

    – GCMI CEO, Tiffany Wilson

    Creative content that engages

    Creating compelling content and telling stories that engage is central to all we do at Write2Market. We always start with why and solidify core messaging. Then we steadily, systematically engage, inform and educate priority audiences with a consistent flow of fresh, timely content that converts prospects into customers. We are fluent in the language of healthcare from the C-suite to the executives and managers ultimately responsible for the success of our clients’ businesses. From contributed articles, case studies, “client-owned” features and blog posts to clinician spotlights, press releases and more, we write the words that keep readers reading and encourages them connect more closely with our clients.

    Get found: SEO

    Search isn’t all about volume, it’s about value in B2B healthcare marketing and public relations. The number of searches for “preclinical CRO” for example are low, around 170 per month. However, 100 percent of medtech and bio-innovation professionals entering those words into their browser are prospective customers for one of our healthcare clients. We take a methodical, value-based approach to helping our clients get found for what their prospects are searching. We give those cornerstone pages regular love with a close eye on rankings, clicks and ultimately conversions.


    • 100% organic growth in traffic from search to since May 2018
    • > 10,000 sessions from search in the past 12 months, an increase of 26% from the previous year
    • Visits averaged 2.92 pages per session
    • Time per visit exceeds 2 minutes
    • 186 forms submitted, an increase of 148% year over year

    Our work with Isoray started in November 2016: it’s not hard to see the impact on search traffic.

    Understand - and shift with - the healthcare media landscape

    Muckrack estimates there are more than 6 PR professionals for every reporter in the United States. We suspect this ratio is even higher in healthcare media. While there are still opportunities to win, and win big, with the right story and supporting resources, many industry leading publications accept vendor-neutral contributed content. They frequently include a referral link to the author’s corporate profile or company page, a trackable, high value prospect. We help our healthcare marketing and public relations clients in both the earned media and contributed realm.

    A few notable and recent wins:

    • “Best Practices for Transitioning from Design to Assembly in Medical Device Manufacturing” – Assembly Magazine
    • “Biotech Boomtown – Atlanta is an innovation center for the biotech and life sciences industry” – Sky Magazine
    • “Looking to Technology to Avoid Doctor’s Offices and Emergency Rooms” – The New York Times
    • “On scene for the battle against prostate cancer” – Boston Herald

    Make the most out of - and win with - your leading industry conferences

    Investing time and treasure in industry conferences involves varying degrees of intensity. Are you ‘investigating’ a show you’ve never been to before? Are you using guerilla tactics at a show of known value but for which you aren’t investing in a sponsorship? Do you have the expertise and a willing partner to submit for a speaking opportunity? Do you want to do video interviews onsite with your customers and prospects? Are you going whole hog with a sponsorship, booth and large sales and marketing presence?

    We help our healthcare marketing and public relations clients get the most out of their investment in industry conferences and regularly help place them on the dais and in the program.


    The AdvaMed MedTech Conference is the largest medtech conference in the United States and draws the world’s top medtech executives from 39 countries. Write2Market’s 2019 Medtech Conference session submission on behalf of GCMI won! GCMI CEO Tiffany Wilson and Write2Market’s VP of Healthcare Paul Snyder spoke on a panel before more than 150 prospects, customers, and industry partners.

    Read more about The Hidden Benefits to Letting Your Industry Conferences Guide Your Quarterly Marketing Activities.

    Get recognized: Awards

    Winning awards for your best work not only validates the value you bring to the industry, if often comes with a high value side of publicity and helps keep the content pipe full. Just like for conference speaking opportunities, we write winning award submissions.


    Our colleagues at Pursuant Health were named an inaugural Atlanta Innoventure award winner in 2018. GCMI’s Tiffany Wilson accepted the 2019 Phoenix Award from the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and Georgia Bio during the Annual Golden Helix Award Gala.

    Creative thinking, execution and video

    Not every healthcare story opportunity fits into an obvious, known format. While we do maintain high levels of proficiency in common forms like case studies, press releases and blogs, we take pride in our creative chops.

    Curant Health told us a moving story about how their team went above and beyond for a patient in distress. They wanted to “do a quick video” highlighting the event and their partner. Dispatching a crew and hiring a videographer was unlikely to accomplish the desired result in terms of time and budget.

    “Write2Market conceptualized, scripted, developed, polished and delivered this montage video with incredible speed within our existing content budget. Our team here at Curant Health and our partners at Virginia Premier absolutely love it.”

    – Curant Health Marketing Manager, Culver Lyons


    Webinars are an outstanding way to educate and engage your priority audiences. They are especially powerful when featuring an audience’s industry leading peers. Write2Market regularly conceives, organizes and produces webinars on behalf of our clients like this one for Isoray featuring Dr. Bernard Taylor and Atef Omari, Ph.D. on transitioning isotopes in brachytherapy for prostate cancer treatment.


    Our colleagues at Isoray shared with us that a mid-six figure increase in revenue was associated with a number of the 40-50 interactions with a W2M produced webinar featuring an Isoray champion physician.


    Ready to reach a national audience?

    Write2Market drives quality leads by creating engaging thought-leadership content that sparks interest and creates awareness. Contact us today and see how your brand can benefit from a focused content strategy.

    "Based on the high value they provide GCMI in awareness, industry leadership, marketing and lead generation, we confidently recommend our colleagues across the life science ecosystem consider and engage Write2Market for their awareness, engagement, marketing and business development needs. In just one specific example, their ability to use storytelling to brand is unique and helped us achieve #1 search return for ‘preclinical CRO.’” - Sherry Farrugia, CEO, GCMI
    Sherry Farrugia
    “Having seen the results Write2Market has generated for GCMI, we knew they were the right marketing partner to deliver on our web presence, awareness and ecosystem impact goals.” - Sheri Russell, Associate Director, Georgia Tech Pediatric Technologies
    Sheri Russell
    Associate Director, Georgia Tech Pediatric Technologies
    "As our marketing partner for nearly a decade, we can strongly recommend Write2Market as a high value custodian and executor of any life science enterprise or organization’s awareness, engagement, business development or marketing dollars especially for growth stage companies." - Evan Goldberg, Director of Scientific Affairs, GCMI
    Evan Goldberg
    Director of Scientific Affairs, GCMI