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Write2Market message strategy process

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We rely on this message strategy process to guide building out a competitive message.

Message Strategy

How do you create one message for marketing and public relations?

We excel in helping accelerating firms find their authentic voice with authority. The framework we have developed over a decade of successful engagements with industry leaders has critical inflection points, including:

1)   Working the Founder’s Story into the current story of the company

2)   Aligning the company’s core values with its mission and vision.

3)    Developing compelling reasons to believe, facts and evidence that support your message across the buying cycle and the sales funnel

4)   Taking the mission, and polishing the key point of that mission that is most relevant to media this year

5)   Developing multiple campaigns that share the message, including stories, public relations media outreach, social media, marketing campaigns, web sites,  thought leadership pieces, television and business media placements, and even product announcements from the angle of greatest resonance

6)   Creating communication tools the company can use internal to share how its mission “meets the ground” in this message.

Message strategy: the foundation of authentic public relations

The benefit of taking the company’s mission and vision for the market, and gluing it in real time with mediagenic “messages of the moment” allows us to opportunistically AND pragmatically take advantage of  dozens of story opportunities in real time. Likewise, your marketing campaigns like webinars, blogs and ebooks stay centered on your core message and key submessages.

With a firmly rooted message based on your founders’ intent, you’ll find your public relations opportunities, speaking engagements and even social media outreach beings to proceed more smoothly—and deliver on the promise of strengthening profits, people, and partnerships for your firm.

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Contact us if you’d like to strengthen your message strategy. We have a number of ways to help you facilitate the founders’ intent (even after the founders may have departed). You’ll love our process and come out of it with a powerful message, resonant tag line, and a firm foundation for marketing and public relations campaigns.

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