Social Media = Sales


Hubspot, the CRM and marketing automation company, tracks their clients on social and tracks sales–guess what percentage of sales pipeline they say comes from social? This year, it’s 14%. That’s–a lot! No wonder so many strong companies are investing in driving leads through this channel.

Younger businesses usually don’t struggle with social—they follow the cue of their founder or founding team. But as the business grows, social media can become a point of struggle between sales, marketing, HR and even the head office. You hear questions like, “what’s our social strategy?” and “how do we measure this?”

Most of our clients are b2b companies that see triple digit increases in followers and subscribers month over month. Here’s how we help them achieve that:

1) We start with a social audit. You learn where are you today relative to your competition and the size of the potential reach you already have.

2) We develop real cultural guidelines. How do we leverage your team on social media productively with regular posting rhythms, and feedback.

3) We do a lot of executive coaching and example showing. We’re able to track, guide and shape a productive social presence. We can help you:

  • evaluate tracking methods and
  • implement a platform and
  • integrate one that’s right for you.

7 areas of impact

Socially savvy firms go far beyond sales pipeline in seeing the benefits. In fact, you can expect to positively impact:

    1. Customer service response
    2. “Listening” to competitors or customers in real time
    3. Seeding conversations and sales opportunities
    4. Mining the social network of customers (you’re friends with my friend? Let’s connect!)
    5. Broadcasting messages and news
    6. Talent recruitment and retention


As you consider your industry leadership stance, and how it supports your people, your partners, and your profit potential, let us help you get social playing to its full potential.

Contact us at 404-900-7722 about putting together a comprehensive social audit today.

As you consider social, here's a fun blast from the past:
"Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warrios go to war first and then seek to win."
–Sun Tzu, The Art of War