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Energy PR for next generation outreach

By June 3, 2011April 24th, 2019No Comments

New media + traditional energy PR services

Write2Market’s energy PR practice is built on our Triple A industry leadership methodology. Whether working for Stena Sonangol tanker fleet, the oil removal specialists at Mycelx, or downstream authorities like Mansfield Oil and Ed Staub Energy, Write2Market is able to help create the Access to decision makers, the Awareness among buyers, and the Awards that create credibility. Read our  [intlink id=”2815″ type=”post” ]energy PR[/intlink] case study on how we helped one of our energy clients net over $1 million in coverage in a year, or how we built a global reputation for a local cleantech [intlink id=”2797″ type=”post”]energy firm[/intlink].

Energy PR and new media expertise:

For next generation energy companies, it takes more than traditional energy public relations–following up with Hart Media, Penwell, McGraw Hill,Wall Street Journal, Financial Times . . . Today’s energy PR outreach takes a new blend of clean tech savvy, great relationships online and off, and social media. We create media and social media dashboards that create, distribute and track your message penetration across key markets–from engineers to consumer advocates.

Find out what a difference the next generation approach to [intlink id=”124″ type=”page”]energy PR[/intlink] makes for you.