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Atlanta public relations you can take to AP

Our local Atlanta public relations team delivers one thing—results. All of our Atlanta public relations clients enjoy triple digit or greater return on their public relations investment with our leading firm.

Why so high? Our work is not traditional public relations—and we’re the first to admit it.  We do one thing: we create recognizable industry leadership. Due to this, our approach creates:

  1. Awareness among potential buyers
  2. Awards that get you in the right rooms with decision makers and
  3. Access eye-to-eye with influencers and decision makers so you can create the relationships you need to grow your business.

Our Atlanta-based team of public relations experts knows what it takes to succeed in today’s fragmented, social-media-driven media environment. Just look at our track record—major global awards for our clients and stories in every major outlet from CNBC to The Wall Street Journal to USA Today. Maybe more importantly, look at our testimonials and find dozens of people just like you that are glad they put their trust in this Atlanta PR Firm to build their company’s credibility and recognizable industry leadership.

Atlanta public relations experts work right from your office

While our clients are showcased on the big screen, we’re sustainable in our approach and believe the small things matter–like breathing the same industry air as our clients. We have team members in Atlanta, Austin and Amsterdam who come to work onsite with your team. We want to get to know you and have you get to know us.  Our Triple 3 Time practice (like the Triple A Industry Leadership approach–we like 3’s!) means our team members work 1/3 from our offices, 1/3 from your locations, and 1/3 from where we need to be to drive your media relationships–on media tours, in Bloomberg offices, at local bureau or press club and hanging out at the hot social media tweet up. Your reputation is “always on” as a result, so are we, actively and always engaged in the networks and outlets that matter to your industry presence.

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