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Are you reaching your audience?  Our clients are.

We love the challenge of “industrial strength” public relations. Sure, consumer PR has its perks.  But let’s face it–industrial public relations is where our high energy, experienced team can blend their business sensibility with the latest in technology, marketing, and social media outreach. It takes a super-savvy publicity professional to do business to business public relations–someone who understands the intersection of the economy and our clients’ service and product offerings. Someone who can dangle the bait of a great trend story in front of the Wall Street Journal this morning and hop over to an insider Inc. Magazine event in the afternoon.

B2B public relations specialists

We focus on fast-moving, fast-growth sectors–especially technology, healthcare, energy/oil-and-gas, and retail services. By having a number of non-competitive clients in each space, we’re able to pack together rich, powerful stories so top trades and business media give our clients the attention they deserve.

Ready for a few headlines?