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Public relations (PR) firms offer varying areas of expertise, and often even great boutique PR firms don’t have the depth of expertise that healthcare media relations requires. Our firm is among the leading healthcare PR agencies with the experience to quickly reach your key audiences.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Healthcare Public Relations Firms

A number of leading companies have helped prepare us to work effectively in healthcare public relations, including Kaiser Permanente, HCR Manorcare, Carson Dental, Sensiotec and National Electronics Attachment Corporation. When selecting a Healthcare PR agency, we’ve learned our clients need to consider:

Healthcare public relations service level.

Boutique firms often devote more high-level personal attention to your account, and that’s especially important for a healthcare public relations firm because the healthcare industry is more complicated and more highly regulated that most public relations pursuits.

The healthcare public relations firm’s location.

Healthcare public relations firms housed in “high-cost-of-living” cities charge higher rates. Media relations firms in close proximity to your corporate offices allow for quicker, easier communication, greater accountability and a shorter commute for on-site sessions. At Write2Market, working on-site is part of our ethos. We do work outside of Atlanta, New York and Amsterdam where we have operations, and that means we fly our team to our client site so we can organically and completely experience your culture. Our operational centers are located in cities where a major international airport is in each reach.

Healthcare public relations ROI and budget expectations.

Even if a high-priced retainer fits your budget, be clear on the services that retainer includes. At our firm, our work for you revolves around a public relations specialty called industry leadership, and we have a proven methodology called [intlink id=”27″ type=”page”]Triple A Industry Leadership®[/intlink] that guides our efforts.

Your Healthcare public relations firm’s strategy session and reporting schedule.

Your PR agency should regularly update your team on results and strategy because your insights and feedback are critical in optimizing campaigns. Inquire about results-tracking tactics and tools.

W2M’s experience in healthcare public relations.

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