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Each client has their own language. We’re the native speakers. We partner with dozens of agencies as an industry leadership authority who can create the public relations wins needed by your toughest clients. Need the perfect blogger for your client’s technology offering? Maybe you’re a design firm that needs more ink–or recognition in Adweek. We can help.  Test drive our references — try Wiretree from California, or FG2 in Austin, or redpepper in Nashville and Atlanta. You’ll get the same report–we’re total enthusiasts about the work. Your work IS our work.

Download this case study to read about Wiretree’s success with Jack Welch.

Industry-savvy wordsmiths and publicists

In fact, our work is the voice behind the curtain for many companies where big agencies have relied on our special strengths. Clients like Jack Welch, Kaiser Permanente, Motorola, and AFLAC all came to us through agency partners where we provided our specialty expertise–creating recognizable industry leadership. And all three — client, agency of record, and our industry leadership specialists — got to share the win.

We do “industry leadership campaigns”  for hard-to-understand companies, and if you have a client that has a “tough”  b2b niche product, we may be just the perfect representation accessory for your overall campaign goals. Particular if it’s technology, healthcare, energy or e-commerce–consider us your insider resource.

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