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New EPA regs. Decaying pipeline. DEF making waves for heavy duty transportation. Natural gas as a liquid fuel. The downstream space isn’t what it used to be–and it’s moving faster than ever. We’re glad to report the pace is still comfortable for our high BTU energy industry leadership team. These days, it takes more than great PR to move your market—you need regular speaking engagements in front of engaged audiences, terrific communication presence on your website and social media frontiers, and regular headlines.

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Downstream, upstream, and in-between, our energy publicists know how to get your message to your niche market of high impact energy decision makers, yard operators, field techs and professional engineers. All facets of the energy industry have one thing in common: they are made or broken by the right relationships. Our experienced team provides the full spectrum of services you need, without you having to explain your entire business. From the Houston Business Journal to Clean Skies TV, from the Wall Street Journal to Waste Age and fleet decision makers across North America, we can connect you with what you need to keep your publicity pipeline flowing with positive press, regular speaking engagements and accolades.

Download the white paper How to Build an Advisory Council to learn how to solidify your enterprise’s vision.
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