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Transform content marketing into a sales system

Any qualified writer wants to turn out pretty prose. Our clients let us know they want one thing: real qualified leads on a schedule. Thus, our content marketing programs differentiate themselves by creating a flow of interesting, relevant and timely material for professional CRM platforms like Hubspot, Marketo, and Pardot. We’ve been covered in the Wall Street Journal, Wired, and Fast Company (among others) for our results-driving approach.

Our professional, enterprise-level programs for content marketing include the support you need, like:

1)  A Content Marketing Audit to lay bare the weaknesses and celebrate the strengths in your current approach, including an audit of messaging from the competition

2) A Key Influencer Study to uncover the media properties, conferences, and blogs that can add power to your program through greater reach and influence

3) Key Word Planning to drive more qualified leads to your web site and use your SEO for you

4) Goal Planning around leads we can drive quarterly, based on a realistic and metric-driven understanding of your enterprise environment

5) Executive Dashboarding your content and the results you are driving through our proprietary Triple A industry leadership cloud-based software

6) Editorial Calendaring across the effective channels for you, from webinars to video, from white papers to social media

7) Reporting on the effectiveness of your content marketing system and constant recommendations based on metrics

Check out our Content Marketing case studies, articles, surveys and tools to learn more about our approach in action..

Do you  “do” content marketing—or are you mastering a sales engine?

Talk to our one of our content marketing and thought leadership specialists today about turning your content marketing program from a platform into a podium.