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One third of firms are embark on an enterprise web site project in any given year—and most of the team members on a truly large enterprise web content project are often first-timers on a content development and copywriting project of such scale.

Outsourcing enterprise web content and web copywriting can help

From a written content perspective, an enterprise-scaled site is fundamentally different from a “new web site” or a “web site refresh” project.

We’ve condensed decades of experience into one white paper around best practices in web site content development. While this paper can benefit anyone with a large web content project to complete, it’s written particularly for the upper mid market or large-scale concern because enterprise-scale projects have unique concerns around people and processes–and that’s frankly where we’ve gained our experience.

High-cost, resource-intensive Web content management (WCM) projects leave many organizations dissatisfied. While poor technology selection contributes to the frustration, the biggest problems afflicting WCM projects result from people and process issues.
(Forrester: Stephen Powers)

One approach? Share the load. Having an outsourced team of copywriters and editors for your enterprise web content project allows you to insulate the creative team and provide a “fish bowl” effect that powers your lens on content, from a management, accountability and creativity perspective.

Enterprise web content projects that can use help from a writing team

Would your enterprise web content project benefit from an outsourced team? It might be if you say yes to the following attributes:

  • Your web copywriting project is hundreds of pages in scope (we think anything over 150 pages is hard to handle inhouse without scaling labor)
  • Your enterprise web site will serve the distinct the needs of several audiences
  • Your web site uses some form of content management system to coordinate the effort and organize web content
  • Your new web site is designed to be native to the social web–interfacing more interactively than ever with customers in real time

Managing enterprise web content and web copywriting

We’d like to help. Start with our free white paper on Managing Enterprise Web Content.

Enterprise web content and web copywriting samples

Please check out a few of our  content development and web copywriting projects.

Samples from our public relations agency’s expert copywriting team:

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