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Enhancing company value through media relations

When was the last time you got your hands on something that could impact company value 35%? You just did–outstanding investor relations. According to Rivel’s “nationally representative sample of 250 buy-side investors” from various industries, three out of four said “good IR does have an impact.”

In fact, quoting Rivel’s blog,

“When asked to quantify this impact, the results were quite compelling. IR can account for a total variance of 35% in a company’s valuation – ranging from a premium of 10% for “superb” IR to a discount of fully 25% for “poor” IR. This is notable because just three years ago when we asked the same question, buy-side investors estimated a discount of 15%, so the risk associate with poor IR is increasing.”

What Atlanta PR Firm, Write2Market, can do about better investor relations and company valuation

Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to take the rights of public relations and new media efforts to manage downside risk and increase upside potential. From publically traded companies to closely held corporations from IPO to pre-IPO, the Write2Market team has the experience you need to:

1) Design strong messages

2) Communicate them where your investors are reading—from start-up digests in clean tech to traditional investment media bastions like Crain’s, Barron’s, Financial Times, M&A Report, Investor’s Business Daily, and Wall Street Journal, etc.

3) Lasting, trust-based relationships with financial reporters so your side of the story gets told

4) Train your executive team to present their case compellingly from print to television

5) Track, manage, and monitor feedback, including new media and social media responses to company events

6) Create positive news and research with proven methodologies

Triple A approach to better investor relations:

Our Triple A approach to [intlink id=”27″ type=”page”]recognizable industry leadership[/intlink] protects and increases company value. If your organization is building investor value, considering selling in the near future, or simply needs the enhanced presence you deserve, contact Atlanta PR Firm, Write2Market’s IR team today for a frank evaluation of where your stand in Awards, Access and Awareness – the pillars of the Triple A Industry Leadership—and how we can help.