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Why Establish Knowledge Leadership?

There are two approaches to pricing: premium and cutthroat. W2M clients believe they offer unique advantages to their next customer, and price themselves accordingly based on that value. W2M helps your next client understand the unique value you represent by helping to establish your knowledge leadership as a component of your overall industry leadership campaign. This results in higher profit margins and less sales resistance. White papers, case studies and coherent public relations campaigns with strong central ideas all play into the knowledge leadership campaign.

Characteristics of a knowledge leader

While specifics vary by industry, from a public relations perspective, the characteristics of aknowledge leader are:

  • regularly published in industry and trade magazines
  • cited journalists and analysts covering the field
  • top ranked in search engines
  • appearing frequently at industry conferences
  • winning substantial awards in the industry and in related fields
  • patents

Creating knowledge leadership

W2M helps our clients become recognized industry experts with custom communication campaigns. We know how to take you from unknown to expert. Working directly with your current marketing and media relations campaigns, we develop:

  • An effective knowledge leadership strategy based on your core expertise
  • Editorial placement that gets you the ink experts deserve
  • Search engine strategy
  • [intlink id=”99″ type=”page”]White papers[/intlink], bylined articles, and content that establish your dominance
[intlink id=”124″ type=”page”]Find out more[/intlink] about how you can ramp up your relevancy and establish knowledge leadership for your business.

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