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Media training marries message to market

Part of creating recognizable industry leadership is nailing media interviews. Whether print, digital or television, when you’re in front of a journalist, you can’t predict the questions you’ll get. But what you can prepare is your own message and your ability to deliver it consistently, powerfully and on the spot in any situation.

Media training methodology

Our media training methodology achieves three things:

  1. More confidence and comfort in interview situations for you and your executive team.
  2. Better long-term relationships with journalists.
  3. Consistently more positive press coverage over time–on message and right to your market.

We help you get your message across more effectively by:

  • Researching your industry, business and market so we know the media subculture your company confronts on a daily basis.
  • Researching the headlines in your industry right now–the ones you should be a part of.
  • Conducting a messaging session that marries your value proposition to the current media climate.
  • Researching and engaging that message for you.
  • Recording live media interviews with you so you practice the media management skills you’ve learned.

Our media training sessions also deliver valuable research and concrete take-aways for your team, including:

  1. A list of top media prospects by name for your organization.
  2. An edited “best takes” online video we create for you that you can use to pitch your expertise and showcase your ability to speak.
  3. A media messaging strategy document that captures your message points and how to control an interview session that you can share with your team.