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Partnership Development

Fast-scaling tech and energy firms need introductions. Our industry leadership consultancy approach goes far beyond “traditional public relations” to create a communications incubator for high potential companies.

That means in addition to using our Triple A Industry Leadership Methodology® to nail the awards, in-person access and awareness opportunities you need, we also use our entrepreneurial network to connect you to capital and customers.

The Partnership Development service we offer to retainer clients pairs you with one of our senior team members with deep industry experience and relationships. We prospect, call on and set up briefings with potential customers and investors. This accelerates your organic growth potential as an industry leader and also helps your storytelling team overcome a substantial hurdle: many large publications such as The Wall Street Journal won’t run a story about a company (no matter how promising) without a major partner or customer involved. We’ve learned to help our clients answer this challenge by leveraging our firm’s exceptional national network to uncover the right partnerships, potential customers and investors.

Download the white paper From Angel To Acquisition to learn how to increase your value.