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Why write white papers? Because for technical industries, nothing establishes knowledge leadership so convincingly–and gets leads so effectively. Whether you’re doing a lead nurture campaign or a trade show promotion, white papers make your potential buyers in technical fields realize the merits of your approach based on hard data and case study evidence.

Writing white papers right

Our public relations agency evolved from a content development firm. When we were founded in 2003, all we did was business writing, and white papers were part of our core competency. When we grew into one of the region’s top b2b public relations agencies, we didn’t mess with our writerly DNA–we just grew up a bit. So when we approach white paper campaigns, you can rest assured its a well thought through approach. We provide charts, figures, and tables that explain why your perspective on tough subjects is the one your target audience needs. We help you showcase your value and subtly make the competition irrelevant.

White paper writing and marketing

We’re always engaged in writing white papers for our clients–sometimes we draft and they edit, sometimes they draft and we polish. But no matter which process works for the relationship, white papers not only educate your target audience, they also help position your product or service intelligently and help you become the industry leader. They set the table to appreciate your industry leadership.

Our full-service, custom white papers are proven as effective aids to marketing. Often all you need to do is give us the topic and a couple of great interview sources, and we’re off to the races. While we work closely with our public relations clients to develop precisely the right approach, all of our white papers offer:

  • Compelling, memorable titles
  • Executive summaries
  • Tables of contents
  • Indices
  • Tables of figures
  • Financial and technical analysis
  • Extensive subject matter interviews
  • Professional white paper formatting
  • Attractive headers and footer with your logo, and most importantly–
  • Clear calls to action
[intlink id=”124″ type=”page”]If writing a white paper is a key part of your overall public relations and promotion path, we may just be the right firm for you. Let’s talk about ways we can open new opportunities for your company today, and please review some of our white paper samples below.

Samples from W2M’s Atlanta public relations and copywriting team:

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