Creating Recognizable Industry Leadership

You know when you’re the industry leader. The problem is, not everyone else does. We developed a methodology to help great companies like yours get the reputation you deserve If other businesses don’t recognize your strengths, in today’s hyper connected and competitive market you miss:

  1. Sales opportunities
  2. Speaking Engagements at the big conferences
  3. Invitations to educate analysts, bloggers, and thought leaders in your field through Media Tours
  4. Major stories in your industry where you and your team should have been interviewed before they published the piece
  5. Talented potential team members who want to work with the best — but who haven’t found out about you yet
  6. Profit margins.  The top company in any field enjoys less price pressure than those in the middle of the pack.

You know you need recognizable industry leadership–but how do you get it?

Your investment in recognizable industry leadership conveys substantial and lasting advantages in three main areas:

  • PROFITS. You’ll enjoy less price pressure as your reputation grows.
  • PEOPLE. As your prestige comes recognized, the best people want to work for your brand, contribute to your vision, and grow with you.
  • PARTNERS.  Aligned complementary companies to yours needs to pick their allies—do they know to choose you or are they sniffing your competition at the conferences?

Our Triple A Industry Leadership Methodology®

With years of experience, tracking and testing behind it, our expert services team leverages a proprietary methodology that makes your leadership recognizable for your potential clients, employees and partners. We call it “Triple A Industry Leadership,” and it rests securely on the 3 As:

1. Access. We deliver access to the decision makers in your target audience through getting you to speak and give media tours at trade shows, conferences, and your own events.

2. Awareness. This second pillar of our Triple A Industry Leadership methodology is all about headlines. Not just any headlines, and not just any news appearances—we only want the ones that move the dial for your sales team.. Real reputation-building awareness is more than just trade journals, television and business press—social media is also an awareness opportunity for your business, and we can help you take advantage of it.

3. Awards.  Often the award itself is not the point—it’s spending the evening with the right people or social proof to validate your claim to being the best.  For example, when Write2Market helped Mansfield Oil win not only a top Infoweek 500 Award in energy, but also a CIO 100 Award, it helped to clearly differentiate the $5.2 billion dollar firm from a bevy of would-be energy competitors on the basis of superior technology.  Our team finds those few “big” awards that make a meaningful difference in your industry, and helps you get the recognition you deserve in a room full of other leaders.

Are you an unrecognized industry leader? Fix it.

You don’t have to be unrecognized. Contact us today about how our Triple A® approach can assist you to achieve positive public relations, superior marketing penetration, improved content marketing–and a lasting reputation as an industry leader in your niche.

Let’s continue the conversation about your industry leadership right now–call us at 404-900-7722 or reach us @write2market.



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