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Leveraging new media for your B2B relationships

By November 29, 2010March 5th, 2013No Comments
During this year’s LiftSummit, among the other great presentations, Erik Qualman showed Atlanta Public Relations and Marketing specialists how to leverage web video for B2B companies. Think your B2B product or service doesn’t translate well in social media or web video? Think again. You can drive some real actionable results with web videos, if you follow a couple simple rules.

Web video works in their environment, not yours
Qualman was adamant that the most important thing to remember about web video, whether you’re in B2B or B2C, is that you’re operating in their world. What’s this mean for your video?
•  Make it entertaining- Whether it’s a CEO or a front line staff member, people surf the web for entertainment. Capture more CEOs by creating videos with high entertainment value.
•  Hit them where it hurts- OK, you don’t have to resort to scare tactics, but it is vital that you focus on your audience and their pain points, instead of how great you and your company are.
•  Provide real value- Whether it’s a product or a video, people yearn for value. Put real information in your videos, so the audience comes away with something they need.
•  Put it where they are- Don’t just put your video on YouTube, sit back, and relax. Post links and embedded videos in the forums and social media platforms that your customers use every day.

Fail as much as possible
You read that correctly. The thing is that web video success only happens after failure. So, if you increase your rate of failure, you’ll increase your success.

How’s that work in web video? According to Qualman you need to remember that you can make multiple videos simultaneously or quickly, reusing information that works while cutting out junk that doesn’t. Plus, having multiple videos out at the same time means you can do quick and easy AB testing.

Do not sell
Henry Ford famously said that, if you asked his customers what they wanted, they’d ask for a faster horse. What’s this got to do with web videos?

According to Eric Qualman, the worst thing to do with your web video is to design it as a commercial. Consumers are used to commercials on television, banner ads, and more. Web videos are different. In yours, be sure to educate and stimulate throughout, leaving only a brief call to action at the very end. Help your customers discover that they want a car, and not a faster horse.

As a B2B expert, you shouldn’t be afraid to jump in to web video. The truth is that it can be a real boon to your marketing efforts, if handled correctly.

Post written by: Jason