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Atlanta Public Relations Firm Write2Market Expands, Hires in Tough Economy

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Write2Market, the Atlanta public relations and web copywriting agency, hires a new writer and plans to expand its web copywriting and web visibility capabilities in the next six months.

ATLANTA, Ga. — Nov.19, 2008

Today, Write2Market, the Atlanta public relations and content development firm, announces the addition of seasoned senior writer S’rae Saffold to its team. A published author fluent in four languages, S’rae prides herself on helping clients dialogue more meaningfully with their customers through expert content development. One of her first projects at Write2Market was leading an oil and gas industry public relations project that landed local firm Mansfield Oil among finalists for the Platts Global Energy Awards.

“We’re thrilled to have S’rae’s talent and passion on our team,” says Lisa Calhoun, president of Write2Market. “She has the gift of helping business leaders find an authentic voice, and then giving that voice a loudspeaker.”

Before joining the team at Write2Market, S’rae was a consultant based in the south of England, where she helped companies with brand marketing and strategic communications. She has extensive experience in consumer as well as industrial brands. Prior to her years abroad, S’rae cut her teeth in New York City with eight years as a freelance writer and performer. She makes her home in Little Five, not far from Write2Market’s offices and her childhood stomping grounds.

“Working at Write2Market is a homecoming for me,” says S’rae. “There’s no other company quite like it, where I can make a substantial difference as a professional writer.”

Hiring experienced global business communication talent like S’rae Saffold is a part of Write2Market’s strategic plan to expand operations in Atlanta over the next six months, offering broader services to B2B clients. “Our clients are turning to us to help them weather this economy with better public relations, better web presence, and better overall visibility. We’re answering that challenge by investing in our team and expanding our public relations and web copywriting capabilities over the next few months,” says Lisa.

While the agency makes plans to expand, it’s also arming its team with better benefits. This year, Write2Market announced a 401k and a profit sharing plan for its team of worldclass Atlanta public relations experts and writers.