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B2B copywriting tips you an’t afford to ignore

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There are 8 million businesses in America registered as B2B ventures, which means that with so many potential customers out there, B2B copywriting is more important than ever. Unfortunately, most businesses are not getting the exposure they should because they have neglected a crucial aspect of their B2B copywriting: search engine optimization. While the web is literally crawling with SEO spiders for business to consumer websites, SEO in B2B copywriting is often neglected. The problem is that with over 70% of business decisions being researched online, your B2B copywriting skills can very easily go unnoticed if they’re not in the service of a sharp SEO strategy.

Finding the Right Words for Your B2B Copywriting

Finding the right keywords to rank your site highly on search engines is one of the most important aspects of good B2B copywriting. As companies like Google and Yahoo get more sophisticated at analyzing the data on websites, it becomes vital that your B2B copywriting include word groupings that are relevant to your market. To do this, try to come up with a core group of phrases that are used frequently in your field and focus on those. Keep in mind that catchwords may change or evolve as your industry grows. So, to stay at the top of your game (and on top of the search page), your approach to B2B copywriting needs to be progressive as well.   Smart companies know that developing an on-going keyword strategy for their B2B copywriting is critical to their business—and you can do that for yourself at Adwords, if you’ll remember to login at least monthly and make sure your optimization terms are current.

B2B Copywriting for Top SEO Rankings

There are several factors involved in producing B2B copywriting that will get top SEO rankings. This is why many companies enlist the help of B2B copywriting specialists. However, one key feature to getting the results you want is simplicity. It is almost impossible to optimize a page for several keyword phrases at once, so stick to one phrase per page. B2B copywriting that is well-written around a central focus is more effective. This allows search engines to better identify your wording and increases your likelihood of your success.If you are wondering how your B2B copywriting is really registering with search engines, try using Google’s external keyword tool. Just go to the site related keywords tab and enter in your own website. The results will show you which words are actually registering versus which ones you think are coming up. Armed with this information, you can then choose to make the keywords in your B2B copywriting more relevant and refine your efforts. It is also helpful to use this same tool to check out the keywords of your competitors, to see how their B2B copywriting compares with yours. If there site has words that are producing higher rankings, you may need to use a similar strategy!

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