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What B2B Marketers Love About W2M

Passion. Performance. Pushback. These are signature traits our clients say they love about working with the Write2Market. We just concluded our bi-annual anonymous customer satisfaction survey. A few quotes . . .

“I admire the commitment you all have to your vision and the fact that you will push back and support your decisions if you feel we are not going in the right direction.”

“I love it that we get 3+ pieces each month in print/online!”

“W2M is very good about getting back to clients and being as accommodating as possible.”

“You are entrepreneurial and understand the challenges of an early stage company.”

“My relationship manager is very passionate and tries hard to deliver products that meet our real needs.”

Top scores for media relations, message strategy, & content development

We asked about which of our services are knocking it out of the park for clients. They ranked media relations, message strategy and content development as top performers in our services suite—letting us know to continue to invest in these valuable offerings.

Our clients also tapped us to continue to expand our services through more custom event production and web design. We’re paying close attention to the services mix that matters most for our fast-growth marketing leaders.

We know we get to work with some of the smartest, most aggressive b2b marketers in the country—our clients. Thanks to them, we’ve been ranked among the Top 100 Agencies in the United States by  Hubspot’s Agency Post—and we keep pushing the envelop of marketing ROI for b2b brands.

Is your business recognized as an industry leader? If not, let’s fix it! Let’s have a conversation about harnessing our services team and cloud-based tracking system to get you the recognition you deserve.