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What are the top B2B marketing trends for 2015?

We were curious too–so Write2Market surveyed marketing leaders at over 100 growth-stage B2B companies in November 2014 at our Industry Leadership Summit.

We discovered:

  • 89% of b2b marketing leaders ask employees to use their personal social networks to share company news–but the schedule (daily, weekly, monthly) varies greatly
  • Only 1 in 5 b2b marketers ask employees to contribute to the company blog
  • 76% of b2b marketers will spend more on thought-leadership activities in 2015
  • Thought-leadership and event marketing  trumped content marketing for generating the most promising leads in 2014
  • The b2b marketing arsenal needs more strategic and team-oriented tools; less tactical support

report-cover-b2b-trendsLearn more about

  • where growth-stage b2b firms are expecting new leads to be generated
  • how often they ask employees to use social media for the company
  • favorite apps and tools, plus
  • recommendations on how to use these insights at your organization’s demand gen and lead gen programs

Click here to view the full report–and please share with your friends on social media.