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Content Development

Brand messaging: strong content for media relations

By May 24, 2011March 9th, 2013No Comments

Your brand is your identity. Writing to your brand means leveraging your investment in communication at every level–your web site, your press releases, your collateral.

Brand builds market share

Write2Market delivers brand success by:

  • Helping you pin down the key drivers behind customers’ purchasing decisions
  • Analyzing how your competition is meeting their needs and who your most threatening competitor is from a “communications” standpoint
  • Discovering how your competition talks to your customers and the gaps in their messaging structure you can exploit
  • Coming up with compelling, creative ways to re-connect with your target market through content that’s fresh, doesn’t sound like your competition, and creates customer conversion

Through our design partners, we pair images with information and deliver a complete brand package including: logos, tag lines, product nomenclature, company capsules, boiler plate language, and compelling customer-facing messages.

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