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Content Marketing

How to do collaborative content marketing

By February 4, 2015April 24th, 2019No Comments

The best content, as in the highest performing, most consequent content from a sales perspective, is collaborative.

It is content that your audience of prospective customers naturally wants to trust because it has an embedded objectivity and credibility.

To give your content this boost, make sure your content marketing program relies on these kinds of pieces:

  1. Research. Real surveys of real people in your industry.
  2. Case studies. How is your product or service working for clients?
  3. Video from your customers and fans. Let your products and services speak for themselves through the mouths of your customers—find ways to let them speak up early and often.
  4. Insights with business partners. Mature b2b companies often have other businesses they go to market with integrated in their vertical supply chain. Find ways to bring insights from your supplier or distributor network to your customers to showcase your own depth in your industry.

To summarize, top performing content marketing is about higher quality, deeper content shared with a quality audience.