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How does public relations create a more sustainable energy infrastructure?

Write2Market was proud to be tapped by the Department of Energy to lead a webinar. Why go to a communications firm for a discussion around energy infrastructure?

“The biggest barrier to smart grid adoption isn’t technology or engineering understanding,” says Lisa Calhoun, W2M CEO. “It’s communicating the need fast enough.”

The presentation below was led by Lisa Calhoun, Rob Shively CEO of Metadigm, and Chris Miller, Marketing Manager at Ecologix Environmental Systems. It discusses how to tune your messages not for information, but for action. Click the link below to get the full presentation, which was previously shown through the DOE to an audience of over 300 utility and smart grid advocates.


The essence of the presentation is that technology is not the barrier to smart grid adoption–people are. In order to embrace the full promise of technology, we have to communicate why it matters in ways different stakeholders can relate to. Lisa, Rob and Chris each share strategies that work. Questions? Free free to contact Lisa. Her email is

Interested in creating a communications model that changes behavior around energy, smart grid or next generation technologies? Contact Write2Market today.