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Does your B2B copywriting speak the right language?

By May 24, 2011March 8th, 2013No Comments

Have you gotten tired of boring B2B copywriting that goes into inane details about products or services that you’re not in the least bit interested in?  Chances are that if you are feeling this way, then so are your potential clients.  So, how do you get your B2B copy to resonate with your target audience and generate more qualified leads?

B2B Copywriting that Gets to the Point Already!

Business people are busy.  While this is a blatantly obvious statement, somehow we seem to forget it when it comes to B2B copywriting.  Companies come up with wordy explanations about why their product is the best one on the market or how their service is better than everyone else’s……Who’s got the time?  Most of us know that this form of B2B copywriting either ends up in the trash or the junk mail cache.  Effective B2B copywriting is short, sweet and to the point.

Need a B2B Copywriting Secret that Keeps People Reading?

For B2B copywriting that keeps the reader on the page, try this age-old format:

  • Tell them what you are going to tell them:  Good B2B copywriting lets the reader know what they will gain from reading further about your product or service.  Want to keep them on the page?  Convince them that you have the answer to a particular problem they are having, if they’ll just read further…..
  • Tell them:  Give people the information they are looking for in short, clear, punchy language.  To make your B2B copywriting stand out, use bold fonts to get the most important points across.
  • Tell them what you’ve told them:  People have short attention spans.  If you have peppered your content with a few colorful points, they may forget what the main one was.  Remind them by summing up any B2B copywritingwith the key things you want them to remember.

B2B Copywriting That’s All About Me?

You have a great company, so B2B copywriting should be easy, right?  Imagine that you begin writing and you have so much to say:  You have assembled the best team in your industry in order to build your business.  Your products and services are of superior quality.  And let’s not forget about your commitment…why, you stay up for hours on end: planning, strategizing and theorizing.  Well, that’s all great news…..but enough about you. Successful B2B copywriting is about your customers.

The mistake that many people make with B2B copywritingis that they forget about their readers.  What is their work day like and what do they need?  How can you help them move their own products or services?  Is there some way that you can make their jobs easier?  If your B2B copywriting is going to connect, you have to start speaking to their pain points, their frustrations and their desires.  Talk to them about benefits not features.  Better yet, find a way to make your potential customers feel more important and valued.  Now, you are speaking their language!

Looking for dynamic B2B copywriting that speaks directly to your audience?  Write2Market’s award-winning staff is expert at writing that connects.  For more information, call us at 404-419-6677.