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So you’ve invested in a social audit to address an available marketing opportunity, implemented both the strategic and tactical recommendations, your network is starting to grow and web traffic is climbing. Our friends at Curant Health are experiencing precisely this and it has proven to be the tipping point on a new, needed, high value venture. 

Your social network does not ultimately qualify, capture or convert leads. Your website and sales team do. Social audits and resulting campaigns are fantastic, and there is a BIG audience full of prospects out there with whom you should be communicating via social media. But your website is still the mothership that’s why is important to have a good web design from professionals as the grand rapids website designer or other quality services. Is it ready to deliver the goods? 

Six features of websites and landing pages that maximize the value of your social networks:

  1. Killer content, sharply honed for its audience
  2. Specific calls to action, customized by audience/market
  3. Trackable phone numbers. Imagine the value of being able to say with certainty, “New customer X, found us through Twitter post Y, which led to content page Z and Elizabeth’s phone number.”
  4. Short surveys to generate data and capture contact information to access “the goods”
  5. Email addresses channeled to precisely the right person for the target audience/market
  6. A lively, fresh blog, often the primary source for social links 

Sometimes these insights are apparent to the marketers, but not others. Until your social channels lead somewhere trackable, with an EASY call to action to connect this piece of the marketing spend with corporate growth and strategy, you can expect social to be a shiny new plane with nowhere to land.

For some, it is going to feel like you’re backing up: it’s ok. An effective social network depends on your website as mission control for it to land, lead and convert.

Connect with me and Write2Market and we’ll show you how it works in action.

Twitter: @pdsnyder @write2market LinkedIn: Paul Snyder | Write2Market