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Five reasons RSS matters for businesses today

By May 24, 2011March 11th, 2013No Comments

Why write RSS feeds? Well, the reasoning is in the name: Really Simple Syndication. And it is simple. Really. Here are a few of the most important reasons [intlink id=”1432″ type=”page”]RSS writing[/intlink] matters to you and your business–today.

The cost: writing RSS feeds saves money

What many people don’t realize yet is that RSS feeds are a major money saver, putting better profits in your pockets while maintaining excellent business communications.

How? It’s is a direct connection, a tool to get to the heart of your audience without resorting to costly direct mail, emails, and podcasts. Writing RSS cuts through the clutter, and can turn one announcement into limitless possibilities, directly through your audience’s desktop RSS reader.

RSS: Better than email?

For years, email has been at the forefront of B2B communications. But like direct mail, email can be time consuming and expensive–then there’s always the growing concern that your marketing message is making its way directly to the spam bin.

RSS feeds kill two birds with one stone. We’ve already mentioned how it saves money, but it also is a way to reach your audience by way of their RSS reader, without ever worrying about spam filters. As spam filters get more and more picky, RSS feeds completely bypass the problem altogether.

More bang for your buck

It isn’t just that RSS feeds are cheaper on the whole, which they are; it’s also that the long term ROI for RSS is so much better. While many marketing methods require opt-ins, RSS has built-in permissions from each RSS reader.

That means you’re getting 100% qualified leads. All the time. And you can’t really ask for more than that. It’s marketing directly to people who want to hear about you–the essence of permission-based, ethical marketing.

The beauty of live RSS communication

The business world moves and shakes every day. But it can be a constant strain to make sure your target audience is informed. As your business grows, and events and promotions multiply exponentially, this prospect becomes all the more daunting.

But not so with RSS feeds. Because they’re syndicated and live communication, your message goes out the instant it’s ready–right on time, right when you need it, and right in front of your target audience’s eyes, with a minimum of expense, no postage, no printing, and no expensive email servers or distribution networks.

An ethical achievement: RSS readers in Web 2.0

Spamming is a serious business. If you’re perceived as spamming, even if you aren’t, you can impair your company’s presence and integrity. And with all the work you put into your image, that’s just a risk you can’t afford to take.

And that’s probably one of the most remarkable features of any RSS reader. You don’t have to worry about being ignored, because all your subscribers want to hear from you. They’re ready for your message, and ready to move forward, communicating both ways across the Internet.

Want to know more about RSS capabilities and how to write for RSS?

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