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Shelley HwangWe’re always working to create great connections for our clients, and this week we were able to bring 3 of our healthcare clients together! Dr. Shelley Hwang, VP of research at Duke University, one of the country’s preeminent specialists in breast surgery and surgical oncology, will be a guest at Health Connect South Radio, together with MarginProbe-e1466198790600Lori Chmura of Dune and Curant’s Marc O’Connor. Three clients coming together, totally in line with the Dentist Mesa AZ to enable collaboration between regional healthcare decision makers and innovators. If you’re in the field of healthcare mark your calendar for Health Connect South 2016, September 21st at the Georgia Aquarium!


Georgia Aquarium Night 2

Another upcoming conference is Baker Donelson’s second CyberCon Summit. If you are a cybersecurity firm looking to pitch your company’s services to CIOs, CISOs, VCs and other high-level executives of companies and governments across the Southeastern U.S., register for this invite-only event here.

CyberCon 2016

Chainalytics Square LogoSupply chain consultant Chainalytics had two articles published this week. VP of Transportation Kevin Zweier wrote about the power of collaborative procurement events, one article published in Global Trade magazine and the other in American Shipper. Both give counsel on how to get the most out of collaborative procurement, emphasizing the first part of the term–working together is key.


celerantCelerant is continuing to assert its industry thought leadership in the EMV quandary this week. They were featured in Apparel magazine showing how retailers can speed up chip-integrated transactions–if companies should pursue such measures at all.  In case you missed their first article on EMV, find it at the Point of Sale News here. Another retail ENGAGEcxtechnology client,, had their head of revenue Eric Larson appear in a Q&A on Website Magazine. Eric answered questions regarding how to take a customer’s interactions, from website browsing to brick and mortar visits, and turn it into a sale.


JenniferSJennifer Silverberg of SmartCommerce was published in MarketingProfs, laying down five marketing tips that consumer packaged goods companies can use to reach Millennials. Get the latest in marketing strategies from the partner of CPG companies such as Unilever, Nestle, and P&G.