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From press releases to media tracking, Write2Market gives you 360-degree visibility into the results of your media and public relations investments. Find out which editors read your releases, where they get published, and which stories feature your organization.

Better public relations and publicity

Write2Market isn’t a traditional public relations agency. We’ve reinvented the practice of publicity so you see more results and have greater visibility into the return on your investment. Our unique Feature/Fit Analysis finds the best media outlets for your message.  We then use our editorial database to drive your message to the editors you need to reach with personal pitching as well as press releases.

You see easy-to-read reports on:

  • When your press releases went out
  • How many people and editors have viewed them
  • The direct contact we’ve made with editors on your behalf
  • Which publications picked up the story and,
  • Any other story clips our clipping service can find (including cable television and radio!)

Media relations for marketing and  awareness

For you, this means our next-generation, digital media relations programs are more cost effective than advertising.

Contact a media specialist at Write2Market today.  Fill out our Needs Assessment and let us create a custom publicity package that works for you.