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PR or not? Cakebread Cellars’ Dennis Cakebread Talks Story With Atlanta Art Lovers

By October 26, 2012June 12th, 2019No Comments

Industry leadership starts with story, experience—not product

Dennis Cakebread, one of the second generation entrepreneurs behind renown Cakebread Cellars, was a gracious host the other night with Thomas Arvid at an Atlanta charity event benefiting C5 Georgia.

I took the opportunity to ask Dennis how he keeps Cakebread great.

What’s the secret to a great wine and a great reputation to go with it? 

He answered immediately and confidently. “Wine is about the experience, who you’re with, the memories you’re making. It’s not a product, it’s a moment.”

Cakebread is known for their craftwork, their beautiful vineyards, their consistent quality, but Dennis is NOT focused on what people are drinking but the “why” of the experience they are having.

Better PR starts with story, not product 

His focus on story—why we do what you do—is at the heart of great companies. It is the core of their message, what distinguishes them from others. It’s why companies like Cakebread are industry leaders.

It is clear Dennis does not confuse the many complexities of his business, which he also discussed—from growing concerns to irrigation to production and distribution—with the essential experience, the essence of “Cakebread.”

Are you a company caught up in talking about the technicalities of what you do? Can you focus more on the realities of why it matters?

I hope I get to share an experience with Mr. Cakebread again soon. His wisdom about story and his focus on the why, not the what, is an industry leadership (and a public relations) lesson I won’t soon forget.