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When you are growing by leaps and bounds, it can be a challenge to keep marketing and public relations tethered to the highest concentrations of opportunity. For supply chain consultancy Chainalytics, the goals for 2016 were clear: more exposure in Asia and Europe and better awareness among enterprise companies.  

Crossing the pond: content marketing overseas

Addressing the difficult Supply Chain decisions in the economies of Asia-Pacific and Europe is where Chainalytics aspired to display its competency. Reaching logistics directors and supply chain managers in Singapore and Delhi is different than marketing to counterparts in Boston or Los Angeles. They read different publications and face specific challenges and opportunities. That’s why Write2Market targeted media geared specifically for this audience, securing regular contributions in outlets like Supply Chain Asia, EBN, Logistics Insight Asia, and Global Trade.

“Supporting our rapid growth overseas was a huge part of our 2016 business plan and the capabilities to identify and reach media channels across the globe is quite difficult,” said Irv Grossman, EVP of the Americas for Chainalytics. “The team at Write2Market not only created opportunities for us to contribute, they were also instrumental in uncovering the most relevant topics to discuss based on trends in the industry and the current events news cycle, positioning Chainalytics as the expert in all supply chain topics affecting APAC and Europe.”

Cutting through the noise and making headlines

Chainalytics had a great cadence of regularly contributed articles in all the major supply chain publications and enjoyed frequently being quoted in the Wall Street Journal and on CNBC, but it wanted to really make a splash with enterprise supply chain professionals on their home turf. To achieve that goal, Write2Market targeted two of the most academic and widely read publications in the space: Supply Chain Quarterly and Supply Chain Management Review.

“When it comes to targeting our core clients and prospects, it doesn’t get bigger or more relevant than Supply Chain Quarterly and SCMR,” said Grossman. “The only way to get coverage in these publications is to have something innovative to say, the data to back it up, and months of relationship building with the editors.”

The Write2Market team went to work on this task and generated a cover story opportunity in the Q3 edition of Supply Chain Quarterly and a 5-page article in the January/February issue of Supply Chain Management Review. The editor of SCMR was so pleased with the contribution that he invited Chainalytics to present a session at the Material Handling & Logistics Conference, which the magazine sponsors.