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Sales letter canvases hospital prospects

By April 10, 2011May 1st, 2013No Comments

Written for: Luckyfish Studios


<Salutation> <First Name> <Last Name>
<Hospital Name>
<Street Address>;<Secondary Street Address>
<City>, <State> <ZIP>

Dear <Salutation> <Last Name>:

At <hospital name>, you are one of only 1,284 critical access healthcare facilities nationwide qualified to apply for millions in government-backed funding to help you:

  • Care for your community
  • Buy state of the art equipment, and
  • Remodel, expand, or even break ground on new facilities

The USDA has reserved millions of dollars in 2007 for helping critical access hospitals like yours get the infrastructure they need to serve their communities,attract quality doctors, and offer the best in technology and care.

We know how to help you access these dollars. Rural America Capital Group is the leader in rural healthcare finance.

  • Last year, we managed 20% of all community facility guaranteed-funding in the entire U.S.
  • We’ve structured more bonds than any other rural financing organization.

Recently, we helped Booneville Community Hospital in Arkansas break ground on a new facility. A few months ago, we helped St. James Health Services in Minnesota secure financing for an innovative new hospital.  Let us help you grow the health center that <city> needs while plenty of USDA guaranteed funds are still available for 2007.

Because we only specialize in rural finance, we know how to be your partner–not just your lender. We work with you to help you take advantage of all the financing options available, which means you can manage your priorities, such as protecting your current cash flow, getting thelowest cost of debt possible, or even deferring debt until your new facility is built. Through our affiliation with Morgan Keegan & Co., we can structure a bond program that involves the whole community in supporting local healthcare through attractive municipal bonds.

Please call me at <W2MCLIENTBANKnumber> by July 15, 2007 in order to take advantage of this program while significant funding is still available.  I sincerely look forward to the opportunity to tailor a program so that <hospital name> can access this USDA-backed opportunity–and so that like other Rural America clients, you and all of <city> can enjoy the rural health center you deserve.


–insert sig


Senior Vice President


Direct:  <W2MCLIENTBANKnumber>