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Sales letter reaches OEM audience

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Written for: BBI

August 3, 2006

[Insert Recipient Address]

The TRIAD Spreader has Applicators Taking Notice

Dear [Insert OEM name]:

My name is Lee Kilpatrick, and I am director of Marketing for Barron and Brothers International. I would like just a brief moment of your time to discuss a new opportunity that our new product, the TRIAD, has opened up that promises substantial profit potential for both of our businesses. The simple fact is that the TRIAD spreader has Commercial Applicators standing up and taking notice.

Why? Because TRIAD spreaders deliver a higher yield, better efficiency and better reliability than the competition. But we want to make the best even better. In short, we’re looking for a few good chassis’and the right OEM to partner with’so we can provide a turnkey product that gives applicators the tools they deserve.

Why is TRIAD Better?

The TRIAD offers a better yield through true precision agriculture capability with a unique three-bin design and variable rate control. Combined with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, the TRIAD can customize the application rate for each element in the fertilizer blend as it moves across the field in one pass. This means every grid on a field will get a precise chemical application, something that every farmer’and the applicators they do business with’are searching for.

TRIAD spreaders enable applicators to meet the incredible demand for fertilization during the very limited season. It’s a design built to maximize efficiency, the spread swath is 30% greater & speed of application is 40% faster. This means the TRIAD can cover a third more ground than more costly air spreaders. And with a larger capacity than most air spreaders, applicators can carry more product out into the field, cover ground faster and apply more in one pass than any product on the market.

Most air machines last a maximum of 5 years, and can cost up to $10,000 a year to maintain. The TRIAD from BBI can last up to 10-15 years, and normal maintenance averages about a $1,000 a year. Add to that a robust savings in labor, as the TRIAD requires fewer operators. The result is a complete package that can greatly reduce costs and streamline the overall operations of applicators.

Comparative Financial Analysis of TRIAD Spreader vs. Air Machine

Initial Cost $60,000 Retail $120,000 Retail TRIAD is 50% cheaper than the air machine.
Annual Maintenance $1000 $10,000 TRIAD is 1/20th the annual maintenance of an air machine.
Equipment life 10-15 years 5 years TRIAD lasts up to 3 times longer than an air machine.
Spread swath 90 feet 60 feet TRIAD covers 1/3 more ground than an air machine.
Average operating speed 20-25 mph (in suitable flat field conditions) 10 mph TRIAD can cover ground over twice as fast as an air machine with no loss in spread quality.

New Opportunity

But this package could be even more complete with your help. That’s why we would like to share with you the results of a study we’ve commissioned to prove that the TRIAD from BBI will produce higher crop yields versus traditional air spreaders. Mid-South Farmers Cooperative is conducting this study and that contrasts the TRIAD against an air machine in the application of several farms. Aerial imagery showing the results of this study so far is available at no cost to you. We believe that once you see for yourself what the TRIAD is capable of, the potential profitability of a partnership between us will clearly become apparent.

I encourage you to order the results of this free study. I thank you for allowing me to share this information with you, and I look forward to the opportunity where we can both recognize significant profit potential through a rewarding and lasting partnership.


Lee Kilpatrick

Director of Marketing, BBI