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Case study

Social media for sales and augmented PR

By April 10, 2011May 1st, 2013No Comments

Written for: Agile

What Agile had in common with many growing companies was that they lacked a common platform to share “community.” While the company had been on television with their golf event and had been featured in a variety of publications, they wanted a way to be in front of “their audience” 24/7.

Write2Market’s team took a look at various social media platforms with Agile’s goals in mind, including the particulars of blogging, Facebook, MySpace, and Ning.  We helped them choose LinkedIn Groups as a platform because of the high connection to business evident in the platform and the ease with which Agile’s own sales team could mine the connections of a LinkedIn Group.

To kick off the campaign, we:
•    created the site
•    populated it with an initial set of strategic articles
•    sent an invitational email to their customer and client database

Agile quickly gathered a growing group of over 200 followers—all strong prospects who began to interact with each other and create their own content. Even better, just as planned, Agile’s sales team finds the group a potent place to recruit, pick up leads on new projects, and deepen their connection to Atlanta’s technology community.

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