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Social Media Solutions Tailored for the Mid-market

By April 14, 2011March 12th, 2013No Comments

Midmarket companies can now contribute to and benefit from social media conversations like Fortune 100 companies

Write2Market is proud to provide a solution for mid-market companies who want to tie themselves more closely to their customers and stakeholders. Write2Market’s Social Solution package puts a team of trained content development specialists in charge of making sure your social media message has sales results.

Marketers can manage an active online presence with a regular customized Twitter feed, a regular company blog, social media promotions and a social media site presence on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Write2Market’s social media solution differs from those offered by others in three key ways.

  • The account team is composed of senior content development specialists with a marketing focus—not interns, students or entry level writers.
  • The campaign is measured in terms of business development effectiveness—a metric many competitive platforms shy away from.
  • The social media campaign is fully integrated into public relations and publicity, giving companies extra value for their investment.

According to study results released  by Retrovo, 48% of people are so addicted to social media that they check on it when they wake up in the middle of the night or as soon as they wake up in the morning. So it’s no surprise that Fortune 100 companies are taking full advantage of 24/7 unrestricted access to their customers and stakeholders.

  • 79% of large, Fortune 100 companies use Twitter, Facebook or corporate blogs to communicate with customers and other stakeholders
  • 66% of the Fortune 100 have at least one Twitter account
  • 54% have at least one Facebook fan page

Elements of Write2Market’s Social Solution package have been used by The Nature Conservancy to meet fundraising goals, by national vehicle service contract company Easycare to build a fan group and introduce new products, and by technology recruiter Agile to build a community of CIOs.

Write2Market’s integrated social media content development solution is a proven way to help companies reach fans and stakeholders while also keeping tabs on results.

For your company’s customized Social Solution, call 404-419-6677 or email

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