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Social media visibility meets sales: Write2Market partners with Spectate

By May 18, 2011March 8th, 2013No Comments

The “story of this year” is how business can learn to use social media to encourage sales. There are more questions than answers, but for our industry leadership public relations practice, one thing is clear: we need numbers to develop intelligent investments.

That’s why we’re proud to have selected Spectate as an early winner in the fray of social media management tools and platforms. Web-based Spectate software allows us to watch the interplay between our media efforts and “social” media efforts, between writing blogs and landing stories, between tweeting and taking orders. More importantly, we can keep score and identify our most valuable content in attracting customers and journalists.

Tracking and reporting on online relationships

Tracking your online relationship performance through Spectate is something Write2Market is implementing for all of our public relations clients–part of delivering on our Triple A methodology to dovetail the awards, the access and the awareness you need into CLEAR industry leadership.

Ready to have your media and social media all tracked and managed in one place?