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Technical writing agencies in Atlanta

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If you rifle through the white pages, no doubt you’ll find a few writing agencies, marketing firms, and public relations companies touting their technical writing capabilities. These professional agencies are an obvious first choice for many businesses looking for more than one writer on a project with availability over a long period of time. Agencies can offer a variety of capabilities that will help your project scale.

The Benefits of hiring the right technical writing agency in Atlanta

One writer? Two writer? Four writers? – With an agency, you can work with one or many writers, depending on the size of your project. If, during the course of the scope of work, you need to add additional writers to the roster, you can easily do so. And training will be minimal, since the writers in an agency already work closely together. You also have a complete buy-in from a high level professional right from the beginning of the process.

In addition, an agency provides a consistent team on call, whenever you need them. You can build your relationship with the team, and scale as you need. Many technical writing agencies, like Write2Market, even guarantee their work, and manage everything on their side and deliver professional work to you without the need of hands-on management from your end. That means when crunch time comes, the pressure if off you.

Flexibility for your project – Agencies can quickly adapt to your needs, even if you find yourself needing something other than technical writing. Working with an agency means you have business writing and marketing writing support when you need it, even as your technical writing project comes to a close. And the best part? When you’re ready to revisit an old project, we still have the work on file, ready to access all over again.

At Write2Market, our ongoing work with NAPA Auto Parts has lasted over three years. NAPA knows that whenever they need us, we have the capabilities of assigning a full-time writer to their project for whatever space of time they need. That’s certainly not an option for full-time technical writers who need constant employment, or technical recruiters who will be hard pressed to send the same writer back to you a year later.

Experience in spades – Unlike the average technical writer for hire, agencies will likely have worked on a wide variety of technical writing and documentation projects. For instance, Write2Market has worked with Motorola, NAPA Auto Parts, UPS, the Georgia Department of Transportation, Emory University, and Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, just to name a few. Our technical writing projects run the gamut from hard-hitting local Atlanta companies to worldwide brands. That kind of expertise means we bring the same experience to you, on every project. And remember: more experience means less training, too.

A local relationship – We believe that relationships can make or break a writing project, and that’s why we work overtime to get to know you and your business. Of course, not every agency can say the same! One of our greatest strengths is in transmitting what you mean to say, as you would say it, and that comes from our ability to write like you would.

Possible drawbacks when hiring technical writing agencies

You project might not be big enough for an agency, and your budget may not be able to accommodate the fees agencies often charge for their services. But understand that agencies bring with them a wealth of experience, and don’t need to be trained as writers–all they need is you.

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