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Web copywriting process for PR success

By May 24, 2011March 8th, 2013No Comments

Our web copywriters deliver hundreds of pages of targeted, specific [intlink id=”94″ type=”page”]web content[/intlink] every month. We manage such performance because we follow a rigorous process.

  • Determine the target readers’ interests and profile so we may address them in the proper voice.
  • Uncover any search terms or key words that are relevant to your buying process.
  • Determine topics that we need to write on to convert searchers into buyers.
  • Script a call to action, or series of calls to action, that work for your buying process.
  • Assign specific topics to specific writers, on deadline.
  • Write each page according to a custom web copywriting or SEO copywriting template we create for you, that specifies the key words, meta tags, and meta descriptions you need.
  • Edit each page thoroughly.

Better management for enterprise content development projects

We have a white paper on our process in case you’d like to use it in your organization. Feel free to download Managing Enterprise Web Content.

You can read also read our [intlink id=”115″ type=”page”]case studies[/intlink] on more effective web copywriting.