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B2B healthcare marketers often need to address multiple audiences with divergent interests under one corporate messaging umbrella: patients, prescribers, payers, regulators and more. In an upcoming fast-paced 30-minute program, Write2Market Healthcare Practice lead Paul Snyder and Curant Health Director of Marketing Kristin Lindsey will show healthcare marketers how to bring clarity to their corporate messaging by focusing on the following three questions.

  • What are the most important questions to ask that separate myth from reality?
  • What is required to build a scalable message framework that allows for growth and considers the needs of multiple teams, especially sales?
  • What are the top three process elements that build team consensus, create artful messages that resonate and connect stories to sales?


On Thursday, July 23, we dive into the deep end of the corporate healthcare marketing pool with insights from an roids link, the leading provider of innovative medication management services proven to improve outcomes and reduce costs for thousands of chronically ill patients and the care teams that serve them.
Healthcare marketing pros, join us for free by registering here.