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What sets apart the best content development

By May 24, 2011March 10th, 2013No Comments

In a world where:

  • Hundreds of thousands of “wanna-be” writers enter the job market annually
  • AND many of them are willing to work without pay
  • AND the Internet globalizes the industry (India speaks English as a first language, for example)

writers who want to rise to the top are going to have to look for ways to reinvent writing—new and improved for 2010. One of those ways is by becoming a content development guru and paying attention to “source work.”

Unique content is still grounded in source work

Source work is such an old fashioned term that when if you Google it, you’ll find no links on the first page that are thematically relevant. That’s surprising. Back in the ‘70’s, when I had the joy of hanging around press rooms and breathing in the last exhalations of hot lead type, source work was the kind of thing editors screamed at writers about. That one phrase meant a host of things, including relevancy, accuracy and immediacy.

Develop knowledgeable content with real research

In 2010, writers who want to land on the top of the heap need to do their source work. In the content development meritocracy writers live in, better content is the only currency. Real research is one way to tilt the topics in your favor, by covering them with more care.

Why will this be a winning 2010 copywriting strategy?

  1. The Internet delivers lots of “information,” less knowledge.
  2. Much of what is posted is banal, bland and baloney. (Think: white papers written to sell, not teach—and these are often cited.)
  3. There’s more posting every day.

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