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Customer case studies and testimonials are high-value propositions for B2B marketers. As are actual news opportunities, either won or earned in relevant, reputable media outlets or distributed and shared via an organization or enterprise’s channels. For example, this is gold for B2B marketers:

Sherry Farrugia, CEO, GCMI

“As our marketing partner for nearly a decade, we can strongly recommend Write2Market as a high-value custodian and executor of any life science enterprise or organization’s awareness, engagement, business development, or marketing dollars, especially for growth stage companies.” – Sherry Farrugia, CEO, GCMI

We also know the consistency of the flow of fresh, relevant content to internal and external audiences is paramount to engagement, web traffic increases, and associated results that build trust and build business.

But despite marketers’ best efforts, those wells of high-value content can sometimes run dry. How, then, can you keep the flow of fresh, relevant, engaging content healthy? One way is to pay close attention to an organization’s leadership, including board members, mining insights, lessons, and value from within.

We recently did so to excellent effect in terms of engagement and traffic for our colleagues at Southeast Life Sciences. For example, during the 2022 edition of their flagship AdvanSE conference, we heard board members Ibraheem Badejo and Shyam Parekh share parts of their career journeys in the life sciences during one of the general sessions. We knew those stories warranted development and distribution when the time was right. 

“Our lives should be measured by the impact we make. And, yes, patients are still waiting. We should constantly focus on solving big healthcare problems. In just one specific, personal example, my wife passed from sickle cell disease, a predominately Black disease. We can and should use our talents and resources more intensively to reduce the mortality rate of sickle cell disease.

“We focus on delivering solutions for the future. But in many cases, the ‘future’ is always upon us.” – Ibraheem Badejo

“Intentionally synthesize your thoughts into succinct, consumable snippets or refined progress reports succinctly. Don’t embellish or ramble, be succinct, state facts, and deliver what they seek to understand. These are the marks of an effective communicator, especially in the life science industry.” – Shyam Parekh

The posts generated dozens of social shares and more than 500 unique views combined in a time when hard news was scarce at best. The lesson: when the content well looks like it’s running dry, look within. If you look and listen carefully, there are always high-value stories to share from those close to you.

If you’d like to learn more about how we generate results for our B2B healthcare clients, and put that consistent, creative ROI-driven expertise to work for your organization, email Write2Market Vice President, Healthcare, Paul Snyder