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Content marketing drives leads

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Company content marketing to drive sales

When it comes to an online searcher, what makes your company look different? It costs a fortune to constantly upgrade your site design so you always “look leading edge.” Google Adwords cost a mint, especially for the best terms. And to the person looking to buy from you, it’s all too easy for you to look like your competitors–just another company promising to be the right one.

Showcase your real difference with content marketing

iEmployee was in this situation when the executive team approached Write2Market.

We realized this leading HR software company did have a difference, of course. (And so do you!) They had built software that specifically solved unique challenges in certain industries. But just SAYING they did not through their marketing brochure wasn’t compelling enough to get online visitors to share their contact information.

Turning visitors into prospects

Our content developers interviewed iEmployee experts and wrote a series of educational white papers for each of their products. These papers, online and available for free download, worked in a number of ways to drive results:

1) Pieces of the white paper were offered as articles in trade journals

2) Pieces of the white papers were used in newsletters and the content marketing program

3) The full white paper was used at trade shows

4) Sales people emailed prospects with an offer to send them the white paper

All together, iEmployee has used this material for years, driving thousands of actual sales through simply showcasing their expertise.

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