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Our Write2Market team is truly inspired by innovations in technology and energy.  As a forward-thinking Atlanta public relations agency, we’re proud to get the word out about new ideas  and inventions from thought leaders and visionaries – to make the future more sustainable, efficient and safe.  In that same spirit of inspiration and innovation, we’re thrilled to announce our sponsorship of TEDxPeachtree, coming to the Buckhead Theatre November 8.

TEDxPeachtree is far more than a conference or an event. It’s an immersive motivational experience, a meeting of the minds, engaging all five senses and showcasing innovation across all industries. This year’s theme is “catalyze”, and the roster features a wildly diverse collection of 15 speakers – movers and shakers from the arts, music, business, medicine, agriculture, environmentalism, technology and social services.  The majority of speakers are from Georgia, with several traveling from New York City to share their ideas.

Co-organizer Jacqui Chew describes TEDxPeachtree as a “brain spa day”. “People attend expecting to be inspired,” says Chew. “It’s intended to incite dialogue, and attendees leave emotionally exhausted, with their minds and often their hearts full.”  

Of course Write2Market is proud to lend its support to  a day of innovation and inspiration. As part of the engagement, Write2Market will work with the TEDxPeachtree organizing committee to identify and promote ideas out of TEDxPeachtree worth sharing on a national level. And we’d like your help!

Would you like to be a part of spreading ideas that really matter, right from Atlanta? We’ll have links to amazing TEDxPeachtree videos and we need your help to share them “everywhere” the week before Thanksgiving! Drop us a note at – and help Write2Market take TEDxPeachtree talks viral!