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6OaPNynsNew York-based Celerant Technology Corp is a top winner on the RIS Leaderboard. Covered in Chain Store Age, Stores, a regular contributor to Multichannel News and Point of Sale News, and they’re looking forward to speaking at the upcoming IRCE.

Director of Marketing & Sales Michele Salerno’s day is non-stop. As the head of her marketing team and recently promoted lead of the sales team too, she jumps from one meeting to the next, constantly in need of the next win and next big sale for this fast growing software platform.

[tweet_dis]Michele thinks the most valuable part of public relations is earned media[/tweet_dis]: the stories and case studies that are NOT paid for through the advertising budget. She says, “They are worth so much more than a print ad or any other marketing effort that you can do. We can write slick ads or produce our own marketing content, but when our client tells our story with a solid challenge and solution point of view, other retailers read it and realize how we too can help them. It is a huge value and makes a big difference.”

Public relations supports double digit SEO rank impact

Although Michele finds the most value in earned media, search engine ranking boosts are close behind. “[tweet_dis]Another huge advantage that wasn’t even a part of our original public relations plan has been our SEO[/tweet_dis].  After a year of working with Write2Market and landing so many online publications with valuable content, backlinks to our site–and of course adding keyword rich stories to our own website on a continuous basis–has given us a 42% increase in our organic keyword placement overall.”

With that exposure increase, Celerant was also able to cut their advertising budget 11%.

Speaking engagements and public relations go together

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.14.33 AMW2M works with Celerant to leverage thought leadership into speaking opportunities–and takes it even fruther with organizing editorial briefings for executives. “In the past, we only attended the shows we exhibited at and we spoke to editors that we advertised with. [tweet_dis]Now my executives are booked solid for the duration of the show.[/tweet_dis]  We have seen great traction in being placed in the latest news coming from these shows with our client stories making the headlines, it has been very successful.”

This year for example, marquis footwear and apparel retailer Chinese Laundry will be speaking about their integration with Celerant Technology at both the MCM Operations Summit and the largest ecommerce show of the year, the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition.

Tech PR Is Not A One Person Job

“We have limited resources internally for marketing and the extended team enables us to accomplish that much more.”

Michele says, “We dedicate significant time each month to ensure our partnership with W2M is valuable.  After working with the team for close to 2 years, we are at a place where Write2Market can write on our behalf entirely and really speak to our market, not only with pitching but also in the content creation–its like they are truly Celerant employees.”

Need a tech public relations team that can work with you? We’d love to share your story! Give us a call at 404-900-7722.