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"Write2Market PR drove 100 hours of billable work each week of Quarter 4."

⁃ Jason Schwartz — Principal, Acensium

The Acensium Story

Moving to new Verticals

For decades Acensium has been a leader in material handling engineering services and engineering risk management consulting. With their extensive experience in coal handling and bulk material handling consulting, Acensium was a pioneer in the use of laser scanning for the analysis and management of complex project management and power plant retrofit engineering. Their engineering team simulates Material Handling projects through Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) by gathering thorough scanning data on the material and the system itself before a single simulation is run. Accurate simulation allows you to have the best starting place for design. When you understand the flow of material through the system, wear patterns, velocities and critical material variables you can create a working model that will be used to test new designs. Once the model has been calibrated to match reality, it can be safely applied to the project design.

Acensium has the capability to scan, model and manage products across many industries, but they only had connections to generate leads and business within the regional power industry market they had worked with over the past two decades. Becoming part of the emerging AR/IIoT market was a long-term goal for Acensium when they enlisted Write2Market to manage PR, Web Design, SEO, Social Media and Thought Leadership content. With a huge repository of past projects, capabilities and stories to tell, Acensium and Write2Market went to work telling the compelling story of cutting-edge technology and engineering know-how saving time and money for major industrial construction and retrofit projects.

Thought Leadership

Creating Compelling Content

Write2Market began working with Acensium by conducting short ‘Project Interviews’ to gather details about interesting projects Acensium had undertaken. In addition, the teams collaborated to brainstorm material handling and 3D scanning technology content that would explain the capabilities and advantages of the technology to decision makers. The goal was to position the company in the minds of the market as an industry leader.

One goal of good communication is to give a company a ‘voice’, or ‘identity’ in the marketplace. When a company shares information and spurs social media conversation about topics important to the industry, they also stay ‘top of mind’ for that audience. When a new project is starting, or next year’s budget is being analyzed, the audience thinks of that company. Another goal was to create an encyclopedia of content that engineers and decision makers can reference to understand the various aspects of scanning technology and 3D project simulation. Acensium’s website could become more than a simple means of contact, it could become a source of information. That repository of useful information does more than just ‘inform’ the audience, it drives new traffic through search results due to search engine keyword rankings, directly creating leads through calls and email inquiries.

Search Ranking Drives Traffic

Over 400% more users see 16x the pages!

Search Engine algorithms are a ‘black box’ that is constantly being updated and changed – meaning there is no set formula to create search traffic. Techniques that work one month may be obsolete the next. Marketers have to be agile to respond to the dynamic nature of organic search rankings. In order to see the best results, content has to be created, tested and refined. As blogs, information pages and bylines were created for Acensium, we closely followed search metrics in Google Analytics.

Over the first 7 months of content creation and byline pitching, Acensium saw 420% growth in site user traffic when compared to the previous year. That expanded user-base viewed more than 1500% (16x!) the pages that users had visited in the previous year. Not only were there more users, users were consuming many more pages per visit than ever before!

Bylines Drive Revenue

One Call ROI

Three months into content creation and pitching, the first Acensium byline titled “Delivering Wet Fuel to the Fire” was picked up by Coal Age magazine. With ubiquitous distribution within the coal industry, Write2Market targeted Coal Age magazine as the perfect outlet for early pitching efforts. Coal Age fit within Acensium’s current customer marketplace perfectly, providing a natural outlet for niche content focused on coal-plant projects and an excellent means to expand brand awareness for Acensium beyond the power-utilities they currently worked with.

Only a matter of weeks after the first byline published, Acensium closed a power-industry lead directly resulting from that client reading the recently published Coal Age byline.  After just four months of our PR efforts, Write2Market directly drove this lead and opened lucrative new business for Acensium… and that was only the beginning.

“Write2Market PR drove 100 hours of billable work for us each week of Quarter 4. 1200 hours of billing in Q4, 2017 amounted to $480,000 in billable revenue for that quarter. Those are real results, with real numbers. Through targeted blogs, bylines and social media outreach, Write2Market creates meaningful interest in your business.”

⁃ Jason Schwartz — Principal, Acensium

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